Songs of Infidelity, Booze, Violence and Death.

Reverend Kingfish Proclaimed Genius!

Experts Agree Reverend Kingfish Is Without Peer

New York, NY    January 21, 2019

Throngs of dedicated fans can now confirm what they have always known -- Reverend Kingfish is a super genius. Experts at a world class university have been studying the Reverend for over a year using data collected by secret government satellites and processed using super computers.  The results speak for themselves -- Reverend Kingfish is brilliant beyond measure. Now, Reverend Kingfish takes his rightful place next to Gallileo, Newton, Einstein, and other really smart people.

But just what makes Reverend Kingfish so different from ordinary, boring humans?  Is it his dashing good looks? Is it his wry wit?  Is it his devil-may-care attitude?  Or is it just his songs which are widely considered to be superior to all others? Perhaps we will never know for sure, but one thing is certain -- there is only one Reverend Kingfish.  Accept no substitute!  


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