Best of Rochester

Reverend Kingfish Recommends

I've been around, lived in cities big and small all across the United States and I have to tell you, Rochester is special. I can't put my finger on it.  Rochester is a city with a long history, prosperous at times, blessed by the the legacy of Eastman Kodak and it's founder.  There are great institutions such as RPO, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, RIT.  There are the great neighborhoods with distinct personalities and unexpected gems -- coffee houses, bars, restaurants, the public market.  But most of all, it's the people.  Rochesterians are like golden retrievers -- friendly, outgoing, a little dopey, but tons of fun.  Here's my favorites list, in no particular order.


Bars, Restaurants and Coffee Houses

Abilene Bar and Lounge

Abilene is my favorite bar in Rochester with live music most nights.

  • My favorite bar, hands down.  No frills, no food, one small TV that is usually turned off, great beer selection, Guinness on tap, and terrific entertainment from bands both local and from all parts.

The Spirit Room


  • The Spirit Room welcomes humanity in all its varieties with a space that speaks of times past and things unknown. Great mixed drink menu or drink Genny and Rohrbach from the can!  Wonderful food too.

Little Theatre Cafe

The Little Theatre Cafe in Rochester is a great place for coffee, food, and music.

  • The Little Theatre Cafe offers coffee, wine, light snacks, art and nightly musical entertainment. It gets crowded during performances, so come early for a table.

Starry Nites Cafe


  • Small places are the best. Starry Nites is extra special. Cozy, hip, good food and, also, great coffee. Lots of games to pass the time and live music. You won't find a better coffee shop anywhere.  

Tai Chi Bubble Tea

Tai Chi Bubble Tea in Rochester serves up delicious Ramen.

  • Reverend Kingfish loves Ramen, and Tai Chi Bubble Tea serves up great Ramen along with sushi burritos, bubble tea, and other asian staples.  Located in College Town on Mt. Hope Ave, it's a must.


DogTown in Rochester is the best hot dog restaurant ever!

  • On Monroe Ave close to 490, DogTown offers an amazing array of specialty hot dogs. Don't look for health food here, just relax and enjoy treats such as the Chicago Bulldog or Southern Hound Dog.