About Reverend Kingfish

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Recently arrived in Rochester, Reverend Kingfish performs a mix of early blues, jazz, and tin pan alley along with original tunes in the style of the beginning of American popular music. 


As an ordained minister, Reverend Kingfish expresses his faith through music. And that music is derived from the jazz and blues musicians of the early 20th century.  The list of influences includes timeless greats such as Blind Blake, Fats Waller, the Boswell Sisters, Blind Boy Fuller, Scrapper Blackwell, Emmett Miller, Jimmie Rodgers, and too many more to mention.

There is something special about the music of this era; before multi-track recording, synthesizers, digital editing and everything that cheapens artistry. Recordings were a single take and musical styles were just evolving.  It was a period of unparalleled creativity. Reverend Kingfish strives to keep this era fresh and relevant. 

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Just Who Is This Reverend Kingfish?


My Early Life

I can't say where I was born mostly because I don't know. I was told I was found in the luggage car on a train bound for Memphis. No way to know how I got there but I was adopted on the spot by a kind couple who I took to be my mother and father from that point forward. Dad was headed to Memphis for a sales convention and mom was tagging along.  Turns out that was the luckiest day of my life.

Mom and Dad were pretty good musicians. Arbutus traveled around a lot, he had a job selling notions but guitar was his real passion.  Francis played the banjo quite well and they would pull out the instruments in the evening after dinner and run through a bunch of tunes.  I particularly remember "Bye Bye Blackbird" and "My Indiana Home".  

My folks spent about every dime they made on records so I heard a lot of music growing up. We had a phonograph with a stack of records that I played over and over. Annette Hanshaw, Blind Blake, Bessie Smith, Papa Charlie Jackson, Lee Morse, and of course Jimmie Rodgers were among my favorites.  I took up guitar and Dad showed me the chords he knew and taught me the popular songs of the day. Unfortunately he was killed in an automobile accident when I was a youth, but I will never forget his lasting influence.  Mom still plays the banjo a bit when she's in the mood.

The Reverend Kingfish Special Cocktail

The Cocktail for Sophisticated Ladies and Gents

I would like to share my secret recipe for the "Reverend Kingfish Special" cocktail. Now you, too, can drink like the Reverend!  Here it is:

  • 2 Parts whisky of your choice -- bourbon, scotch, rye, doesn't matter. 
  • 1 Part Drambuie
  • 1 Dram (less than a shot) of Cointreau
  • Dash of bitters
  • Grenadine syrup to taste (optional)

For an extra special treat, add a bit of burnt orange peel.